Our Mission

College Match is committed to helping talented students from low-income families

in Los Angeles beat the odds. Since 2003, College Match has paved the way for hundreds

of students to be accepted to and graduate from top tier 4-year colleges.

The College Match Solution

Only 3% of students at the most selective colleges come from low-income families, while 75% of students at these institutions come from upper income families. College Match has found that low income students in inner-city public schools can be as successful as their more fortunate peers if they have the same advantages: SAT preparation; college site visits; advocacy with college admissions staff; assistance with college applications and essays; help with the financial aid process; counseling and advising about various colleges. Each College Match student receives this help.

College Match’s track record for our students is evidence that this gap between inner city public school students and those in elite private schools can be eliminated.
  • 75% of the 2015 and 2016 College Match graduates were admitted into a Top 25 college or university and 98% were admitted into a Top 50 college or university
  • 94% have either graduated from college or are on their way to graduation
  • College Match students raise their average SAT scores by 344 points.
  • College Match students have received prestigious honors, awards, scholarships and recognition including the Fulbright Scholarship, 34 Gates Millennium Scholars and many more.
  • Our Staff

    Harley Frankel
    Executive Director
    Erica Rosales
    Program Director
    Paula Bennett--College Counselor; Barbara Dobkin--College Counselor;
    Linda Engel--College Counselor; Mark Flagle--College Counselor;
    David Gidlow--College Counselor; Robin Kurtzman--College Counselor;
    Kathryn Manclark--College Counselor; Lisa Mauricio--College Counselor;
    Vicki Mercer--College Counselor; Michelle Nadel--College Counselor;
    Ellen Nagler--College Counselor; Nalini Sri-Kumer--College Counselor;
    Regina Stagg--College Counselor;Aracely Rodriguez--Executive Assistant
    Brock Walsh--College Counselor
    X Mr. Frankel brings extensive experience and connections in the fields of education and youth services. As Executive Assistant to the U.S. Commissioner of Education, he led a major reform of the Federal higher education financial aid system that targeted grant resources to our nation’s lowest income students. This administrative reform was a forerunner to the Pell Grant program.

    Mr. Frankel directed the National Head Start program during the period when Head Start earned a reputation as one of the country’s finest human service programs. Later, while serving as a Senior White House Aide, Mr. Frankel selected the first U.S. Secretary of Education. In addition, Mr. Frankel was a Senior Executive with the Children’s Defense Fund.
    X Ms. Erica Rosales, a graduate of Garfield High School and Wellesley College, is our Program Director and is an outstanding College Counselor. Ms. Rosales was the Founding Executive at Animo Leadership High School and served as an Admissions Officer at Occidental College.