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We are always looking for people passionate about helping talented students from low-income families get into and graduate from the nation's top colleges and universities.

College Counselors (1-year commitment)

College Match has become a valuable college access program that can be replicated because of the hours of commitment, experience and knowledge our volunteers provide.

Our College Counselor Volunteers are the foundation of College Match’s success. If you want to have a lasting impact on an organization and individual students, join our counseling team.

After a personal orientation to the College Match mission and process, you will be paired with one of our Senior College Counselors. You’ll spend time shadowing at a school site and observe how to:

  • Help individual students craft a personal statement
  • Develop a best-fit college list for each student
  • Encourage and motivate students to stay on top of college deadlines
  • Help students fill out financial aid forms and scholarship applications
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Essay Coaches (4-month commitment)

College Match has become a valuable college access program that can be replicated because of the hours of commitment, experience and knowledge our volunteers provide.

Essay Coaches may work with students virtually, communicate through email/Google Docs, or in person. Many of our essay coaches come back to volunteer as College Counselors.

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Speakers (1 day)

College Match hosts various events throughout the year. These events include:

  • College Success Day for graduating seniors
  • College Application workshops in the summer for juniors
  • Alumni Reunion in December

We appreciate presenters who are willing to share their college and /or professional journey.

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Career Advisor (2-3 times a year)

Most College Match students are first-generation college students. First-generation students are far less likely to have well-connected friends and business associates. Our students do not have the family resources, extended networks or financial security to take full advantage of the college experience. You can help!

  • Bring your expertise and College Match staff will arrange best way to interact and support college students
  • Provide career guidance and advice to individual college students throughout the year
  • Talk to a small group of students about your industry
  • Provide a career shadow opportunity
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Volunteer Testimonials

"College Match has changed my life in so many ways. I never imagined how strong the connection would be with my students, and how much they would teach me about resilience and hope. Through College Match, I have made connections with students and families of many cultures...I have seen how they struggle financially...I know I am helping to change their lives by helping them to get into great colleges."

– Ellen Nagler, Real Estate Lawyer College Match Counselor

"Though my job is to teach, mentor and direct the students, I truly have learned more from them. Their courage to aim high, to forge their own path, to attend challenging colleges far from home, far from anything familiar, and to do what it takes, is truly inspirational to me. My involvement with CM has enhanced my life. People often tell me that I am doing a good and noble thing, as if it is somehow a sacrifice. I squirm a little at these well-meaning comments. The reality is that CM is a gift to me."

– Barbara Dobkin College Match Counselor

"The past five years, I have served as a college counselor for College Match and it has been one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences of my life. The students we support are incredibly persistent, brave, intelligent and have beaten the odds. Working with them is a privilege"

– Michelle Nadel, College Match Counselor

"I never have a bad day when I am with my [College Match] students. They're a lot like kids anywhere with a couple of important distinctions. They feel entitled to nothing. They are grateful for everything. Treated with kindness and respect, they repay in kind. With interest. Their trust, their openness, their generosity is a gift."

– Brock Walsh, Songwriter, Former College Admissions Officer College Match Counselor

"I've lived in a suburb of Los Angeles for 30+ years and through College Match I've reached out beyond my local community to serve the greater metropolis of Los Angeles. For me, it is both meaningful and empowering to have a role in bettering this city by volunteering in its diverse neighborhoods and by helping its young people achieve the high level of education they deserve."

– Kathryn, College Match Counselor

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