What We Do

College Match identifies low-income high school sophomores with strong academic records and helps support them through the last two years of high school with an intensive individualized program. Our goal is to provide the help these youngsters need to allow them to be accepted to a top-flight college with financial aid.

Our program services are comparable to what affluent students receive at elite private schools so that they are able to effectively compete in the highly selective college admissions process.

Our Programs



College Match counselors help students learn about and gain the support they need to reach for possibilities they never dreamed about. This includes sessions with students throughout their last two years of high school.

Completing College Applications and Essays

College Match helps our students and their families to fill out college application forms with a heavy emphasis on the essays.

Completing Financial Aid Forms
Because College Match students are from low-income families, and do not have the financial means to attend college, our staff assists them and their families to learn about and complete applications for various types of financial aid so that they can qualify for appropriate financial aid packages.


SAT Preparation

With a team of highly qualified instructors, all College Match students participate in small classes throughout the year to to prepare them for this critical exam. We are proud of the pay-off: over the past seven years, our seniors have raised their average SAT scores by approximately 344 points.


Visiting Colleges

Because it is so important for students to feel comfortable and ready to select a college, College Match raises funds so that our students can join their more affluent peers in visiting colleges throughout the country. This helps them to make the transition from the community in which they grew up to a broader community and an independent experience.

To be perfectly honest, we may provide more extensive college site visits to top colleges than any non-profit organization in America. College Match students will see approximately 50 outstanding colleges in 2015, and as you know, these trips allow students to recognize the great opportunities they have and in many ways, help change their lives.


Working with College Admissions Offices

College Match staff has excellent relationships with college admissions staff and and have gained credibility as a result of the success our students have had on their campus and because of our annual college site visits to their campuses.. Similar to counselors at elite private schools, we are in regular contact with college admissions offices as advocates for College Match students.

For those students whose needs are not covered by their financial aid packages, College Match helps them with resources to cover air transportation, computers, warm winter jackets, and other things that students require during their time at college.

College Orientation and Check In During College

In order to continue supporting College Match students we provide an orientation program during the summer before they leave for college and check in with them during the school year and while they are in college. This allows us to ensure they are on track to graduate from college.

Participating High Schools

Animo Inglewood H.S.
King Drew Magnet H.S.
Ouchi H.S.
The International Studies H.S. in South Los Angeles
Bell H.S.
Franklin H.S.
Oscar De La Hoya H.S.
The Environmental, Science and Technology Academy
James A. Garfield H.S. in East Los Angeles
The Downtown Magnets H.S.
Camino Nuevo H.S. in Downtown Los Angeles
The Environmental Charter High School in South Bay
West Adams H.S.
Bravo Medical Magnet H.S.
Alliance Mohan High School
Alliance Neuwirth High School
Alliance Stern MASS High School
Roosevelt High School
Alliance Collins Family High School