"College Match changed my life. They opened my eyes to the opportunities available to inner-city students. I am thankful to all the donors and staff who made my dream, and many other dreams, come true. At least to my knowledge, no other program provides students with an East Coast visit, SAT Prep, and college counselors at zero cost. This is a tremendous program run by outstanding people."

-Joshua Rodriguez, Pomona College '13, Fulbright Scholar

"College Match has been invaluable, a few weeks ago the Berkeley Law program in DC had Justice Kennedy come speak to our class and I stood next to him for a picture and I thought about how I went from Jordan High School to standing next to a member of the Supreme Court."

-Antonio Ingram, a Yale graduate and 3L at Berkeley Law who has accepted a position with a top law firm in 2014

"Looking back on it now, college match was really the catapult for my interest in colleges out of state. They helped me realize my potential, helped relieve my anxiety about standardized testing, and helped me feel secure in moving away from home, especially to a place all the way across country. With their help I graduated from one of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges in the world, a place with more than just a prestigious name, but a comfortable and friendly environment where I could blossom further and where I built a family with some of the most wonderful and most intelligent people. College match did more for me than simply help pay for my education, they helped make it possible for me to finish college."

-Jacky Saucedo, Bryn Mawr College '13

"College match is more than a college access program. It is a network for students to connect with one another and strive for their dreams together. It introduces low income students to colleges they deserve to attend, but are unable to see because of financial drawbacks. This program provides students with the tools they need to apply to some of the nations top colleges, by guiding them through the entire college process. Applying to college truly is a full-time job, and the work college match is doing is making a difference."

-Rudy Torres, Brown University '16

"You believed in us so much that we finally began believing in ourselves"

-Rosie Avila, A Yale graduate and currently in medical school

"Dear Harley, As I sit here thinking about my last few days in Los Angeles, I think about how fortunate I have been. I am so grateful to have been a part of the College Match program, and a part of all the amazing experiences I have had there. Considering how excellent and helpful the staff has been, it is no surprise that College Match students are accepted into some of the nation's most prestigious schools. Without the immense support and advice from you, Julie, Michelle Nadel, and Mrs. Pelayo, I would have never wanted to go across the country and attend Vassar. Thank you!"

-Prisilla Preciado, Vassar '17

"No words can describe how thankful I am to have participated in College Match. I am now headed off to Dartmouth, and I cannot imagine having done it without the program. I had no idea how the college application process worked and what schools I would be applying to. College Match was there to guide me every step of the way. The quality of resources I received and the people I met within the program, students and staff alike, are invaluable."

-Perla Sibaja, Dartmouth '17

"My College Match Class of 2006 exposed me to so many things and allowed me to think of myself in ways that I didn’t think were possible. In attending Brown University in Providence, RI, I was able to grow as a person, obtain a more open view of the world, and gain a sense of contributions I could make to improve the communities around me.
College Match did not just get me into college; it also helped me to succeed there. Harley has been a constant source of support and inspiration; he always provided advice and encouraging words in making decisions on my school curriculum and thinking through the next steps after graduation. This year I will be graduating from Columbia Law School and hope to make contributions to improving the wellbeing of low-income minority communities through looking at disparities in public health ."

-Jennifer Anderson, Columbia Law School '14

"Thank you for all that you do! For caring! For pushing us! For believing in us! For believing in me and always being available to help and counsel me. Words cannot describe how forever grateful I am for having you and college match alongside of me throughout my college experience. I cherish you with all of my heart.
I am graduating Bryn Mawr in May! So happy! And I will go to graduate school...It does not end here. Thanks to you. "

-Tracey Alvarez, Bryn Mawr '13

"Thank you so much for the scholarship. It means a lot to me to have such an amazing program as a support system. I appreciate everything you guys do and am grateful to everyone of you for giving me the opportunity to be at such an amazing school. Without college match I would be at an UC school with a huge debt. If it weren't for College Match I would not be this strong independent Bryn Mawr woman. I am in love with this school. Without your help I would be taking out another loan and be stressing out about all my debt. You guys are truly amazing. Thank you so much."

-Lilly Chase, Bryn Mawr College '16

"I am still extremely grateful to College Match and you for helping me get into Berkeley. I will never forget that afternoon you went out of your way to make me realize UC Berkeley was the best choice for me. As I enter my senior year, coming here is definitely one of the best decisions of my life...My next step is Law School and I have all these chances thanks to you. Thank you for giving students like me the chance for higher education."

-Valeria Zaragoza, University of California, Berkeley '14

Our Goal

Established in 2003, College Match has developed an impressive track record. Our goal to help low income inner city students aspire to, gain acceptance to and graduate from four-year colleges has demonstrated considerable success as measured by our evaluation criteria. We have outcome data to measure the following:

  • How many College Match students are accepted into prestigious four-year colleges and universities
  • The number of students who receive sufficient financial assistance to attend these colleges
  • What is the increase in SAT scores among College Match students
  • How many College Match students graduate from college
  • Our Results

    75% of the 2015 and 2016 College Match graduates were admitted into a Top 25 college or university and 98% were admitted into a Top 50 college or university
    Over the past seven years, College Match students have raised their average SAT scores by over 344 points.
    98% of the 2015 and 2016 College Match graduates were admitted into a Top 50 college or university
    For every dollar College Match spends on preparing a student for college, $20 is generated from scholarships and other financial assistance, resulting in a 2,000% return on investment.
    94% of College Match students have either graduated from college or are on the path to graduation

    Significant Accomplishments

    Four College Match students have been accepted into the eight-year Brown University undergraduate and Medical School program, allowing them to enroll in Brown Medical School without taking the MCAT Exam so long as they maintain reasonable grades as a Brown undergraduate. It is among the rarest of all admissions possibilities for high school seniors. The program usually receives 2300 applicants (almost all from upper-income families) and only accepts 50 students a year. Very few inner-city low-income students are accepted into this program.
    Three College Match students have received the very prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to pursue graduate studies. He will share this experience with very notable alumni: 10 who have been elected to Congress; 18 who have served as head of state or government; 1 who has been Secretary General of the United Nations; 43 who have received a Nobel Prize; and, 78 who have received the Pulitzer Prize – an astounding accomplishment for a low-income minority student from Los Angeles.
    Eight of our 2016 graduates have been awarded a Gates Millennium Scholarship. . Over the past eight years, 34 College Match students have won Gates Millennium Scholarships which cover both undergraduate and graduate financial costs. With only 1000 Gates awards provided annually throughout the country, we are proud to have so many College Match students awarded this coveted scholarship.

    College and University Acceptances

    College Match graduates have been accepted at:

    Boston College
    Boston University
    Bryn Mawr
    Carnegie Mellon
    Case Western
    Claremont McKenna
    Colorado College
    Franklin & Marshall
    Harvey Mudd
    Holy Cross
    Johns Hopkins
    Loyola Marymount
    Mt. Holyoke
    Notre Dame
    Santa Clara
    University of Chicago
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of Richmond
    University of Southern California
    Wake Forest
    Wheaton (MA)