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Meet Joshua

High School: Garfield High School in East Los Angeles College: Pomona College B.A. 2013
Career: Fulbright scholar in Mexico, worked on immigration issues at the White House, marketing analytics for NBCUniversal.

A Kid Who Built Computers Now Aims to Help Tech Firms Better Serve the Under-Served

People who work with me know that I like problem-solving. What most people don't know is that I was able to hone my problem-solving skills through video games and computers. My favorite video games usually focused on historical time periods with open worlds to explore. Through these games, I was able to refine and question the topics learned in history class while also developing my problem-solving skills.

My older brother is an IT Manager and he would often fix people's computers as a side business. When I was a younger, he would ask me for help as he was busy with school and work. I learned how to fix software and hardware computer issues and how to build a computer from parts! It was a great exercise that taught me how technology systems work.

I studied economics because it incorporated core elements from history and mathematics in addition to giving me the tools to analyze human decision-making. I received my B.A. in Economics from Pomona College in 2013. After college, I received a Fulbright grant to study and work in Mexico, worked on immigration issues at the White House and, and worked in marketing analytics for NBCUniversal. I am now working towards getting my MBA in the pursuit of helping technology companies help small businesses scale their businesses and helping technology companies engage new users, like the Latino community.

I credit College Match for a lot of my successes. Without College Match, I would have never been exposed to private liberal arts colleges or have gotten the SAT prep needed to be admitted to a school like Pomona. Pomona has played a crucial role in my life as its small, tight-knit community allowed me to focus on my personal and intellectual development. I feel deeply indebted to Harley, Regina, and Erica as they have been major supporters of my career endeavors over the years.

Like most first-generation college students, I was surprised at the socioeconomic disparities between me and many of my peers. It was clear to me from day one that we had very different upbringings.

What took me longer to realize is how my parents' hard work and grit would serve as motivation to pursue my college education. Often as I studied during the wee hours of the night, I thought about how much my parents had sacrificed for me to pursue a college education and how I should make this most of the opportunities given to me.

Having that sense of purpose and direction grounded me throughout college and beyond. My parents have supported my decisions and have trusted that I am doing what is best. Their emotional and financial support enabled me to pursue my passions and motivations.

As I reflect on my career and what I want to do in the future, I want to use my career in business to help change the narrative and business strategies companies take toward under-served communities. I want to take my personal experiences playing video games and building computers and apply that to economically empower communities like East Los Angeles through the tech economy.

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"Wow! Congratulations. If there were a Nobel Prize for college admissions, you'd be a shoo-in."

– Edward B. Fiske, Former Education Editor of The New York Times and Author of The Fiske Guide to Colleges

"You believed in us so much that we finally began believing in ourselves."

– Rosa Avila, Yale OB/GYN, Mercy Hospital & Medical Center Chicago.

"College Match is one of the top college access programs in the country. You make a positive difference in the lives of a lot of deserving kids."

– David Borus, Former Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Vassar College

"I went from Jordan High School [in Watts] to standing next to a member of the Supreme Court."

– Antonio Ingram, Yale & Berkeley Law Morrison & Foerster, Federal Judicial Clerkship, Government of Malawi

"Just spectacular. So many people we know are talk, talk, talking. You are doing. What a powerful impact you are having-changing the lives of so many young people. Just think where most of them would be were it not for you and your work."

– Arnie Miller, Former Director of the White House Presidential Personnel Office

College Match is "a network for students to connect with one another and strive for their dreams together."

– Rudy Torres, Brown University

"It is clear that you are doing extremely important work to enable these young people to realize their potential. Nothing could be more important. Keep it going."

– Bill George, Former CEO of Medtronic and the author of the best selling book, True North, which focuses on outstanding leadership

"I will be graduating from Columbia Law School and hope to make contributions to improving the wellbeing of low-income minority communities through looking at disparities in public health."

– Jennifer Anderson, Columbia Law School

"Exceptionally impressive."

– Mel Levine, Former United States Congressman

"College Match is doing the work that is so essential to youngsters with talent who need a staircase more than a step to reach their educational goals."

– Shirley M. Hufstedler, Former U. S. Secretary of Education

"I want to commend you on the work you are doing with students in the Los Angeles area. It is work that is definitely needed."

– Mike Krzyzewski, Head Basketball Coach at Duke University and U. S. Olympic Coach

"Your record is simply incredible. We watch with great admiration as College Match offers a pathway for so many young people to realize their potential. Your vision and record are truly inspirational."

– Bill Corr, Former Deputy Secretary, Federal Dept. Of Health and Human Services

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